Philips logo 371A radio (Gezocht)

door Mike Horne @, 31.01.2024, 15:58 (32 dagen geleden)

Hi. I have not used this site for a long time. My request is for a logo badge for a Philips 371A radio (made about 1947/48). The badge measures 13 mm wide and 17 mm from top to the bottom of the curve. It is bigger in size than the logo badges used on for example the model 170A. This radio (371A) was made in the U.K, and the badges were glued on to the cabinets, hence they eventually fell off and went missing. Any chance that these brass badges were also used on radios made in Holland? The 371 would made a great complimentary radio to the earlier 470A model. I hope that I have come to the correct section for this wanted item?
Many thanks
Mike (U.K

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