Cramped picture Philips (Techniek Radio/TV)

door Richard_M @, 14.01.2023, 21:23 (459 dagen geleden) @ Goldline
Bewerkt door Richard_M, 14.01.2023, 21:46

Not sure to test AC or DC so I did both:

When TV is warming up the DC reaches 1.2V, then when the picture appears it goes down to 0.025V. If the TV is tuned to static, then voltage is 0.2V

Switch off the TV, goes to 0.6V then slowly to 0.0V.

AC with picture on screen 14.25V, with static 18.3V. Does not go up when TV switched off.

The DC measurement is the important one? Any DC who is on this pin must come through C647 or C648?

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