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Leesvoer voor het weekeinde!

Penfold, R.A. - How to design and make your own PCBs. 1983
186 Tested superhet circuits for shortwave and communications receivers using micro alloy transistors (MATs); repr. 1964
Babani, B.B. - Practical electronic science projects; repr. 1977
Ness, H. - Practical transistor novelty circuits,. 1972
Babani, B.B. - Handbook of simpl transistor circuits; repr. 1972
Babani, B.B. - 38 Practical tested diode circuits for teh home constructor. 1972
Babani, B.B. - First book of transistor equivalents and substitutes; repr. 1979
Babani, B.B. - Second book of transistor equivalents and substitutes. 1974
Babani, B.B. - Handbook of radio receiver construction using IC's and transistors; repr. 1974
Babani, B.B. - Boys and beginners handbook of practical radio and electronics. 1974
Redmer, Rudi and Uwe Redmer - 52 Projects using IC741; repr. 1977
Babani, B.B. - Radio antenna handbook for long distance reception and transmission. 1975
Miller, Chas. E. - Practical electrical re-wiring and repairs. 1976
Penfold, R.A. - Popular electronic projects. 1978
Babani, B.B. - Electronic projects for beginners; repr. 1991

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