Aanwinsten NVHR Online Bibliotheek (Algemeen)

door John Koster ⌂ @, Utrecht, 24.02.2019, 17:33 (527 dagen geleden) @ John Koster

Misra, Devendra K. - Radio-frequency and microwave communication circuits; analysis and design 2nd ed. 2004
Laport, Edmund A. - Radio antenna engineering. 1952
Henney, Keith - Radio engineering handbook; 5th ed. 1959
Lewis, E.H. - The ABC of vacuum tubes in radio reception; an elementary and practical book on the theory and operation of vacuum tubes as detectors and amplifiers. Explains non-mathematically the fundamental principles upon which all vacuum tube circuits are based. 1922
Pulfrey, David L. - Understanding modern transistors and diodes. 2010

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