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door John Koster ⌂ @, Utrecht, 15.02.2019, 20:28 (514 dagen geleden) @ John Koster

Sinclair, C. - Transistor superhet receivers; covering all aspects of design, servicing and construction; includes circuit diagrams of 50 different receivers; repr. 1961
Stevens, N. - The superheterodyne manual (Bernards Radio Series, No. 119), 1953
Babani, B.B. - High fidelity loudspeaker enclosures; 26 practical designs with 40 drawings: Corner reflex, Bass-reflex, Exponential horn, Folded horn, Tuned port, Klipschorn labyrinth, Stereophonic, Tuned column, Loaded port, Multispeaker panoramic, etc., 1957
Radiotrician - Communications receivers manual, 1948
Radiotrician - Frequency Modulation receivers manual, 1948
Four valve circuits; containing circuits for building 1. TRF battery portable using ferrite rod aerial and push-pull output 2. Local station FM receiver 3. Voltage stabilised power supply unit (Bernards Radio Manuals No. 107), 1960
Poole, I.D. - The superhet radio handbook, 1995

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