Philips radio B4X65A (Techniek Radio/TV)

door Pandu Rajan @, 13.05.2018, 15:49 (248 dagen geleden)

Dear forum members

In the above set in the oscillator coil S10/S11/S12 the coil S10 is connected to S11 by a 68pf capacitor whereas in S13/S14/S14a the coil S13 is left unconnected. What is the reason for interconecting the two secondary windings of the oscillator coil through a capacitor?
Similarly In the philips India set B6CA86A in the oscillator coil for the SW1 band S23/S24/S25 coil S23 is left unconnected whereas in the model B6CA97A ( with some changes in B6CA86A) the coil S23 is connected to the coil S24 through a 68pf capacitor and the connection is taken from S23.
What is the advantage of having this arrangement?


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